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The Eyes Don't Lie

The memory is too beautiful

We’ve come this far;

the rooting for them is too deep.

The level of our imagination is beyond the normal cloud.

The passion to make the virtual to be real……is too high to handle.

Somehow, being a veteran,

the anxiety of bad news are shadowing us around.

What will we be when suddenly the end comes?

How can we handle the painful farewell?

Once we pause a second, breath, force out our clearest mind…

We’re realized, we’ve just too involved into it

We have been avoiding the slap as a tool to our real world

We still can’t stop it….the too involved heart…the fragile hope

Luckily, the love for them heals the painful farewell

Lets smile, live best our present, welcome the future, and keep being positive

Because one does not simply put a beautiful thing…

…hiding in plain sight.


It pisses me off whenever people calls everyone who enjoys WGM delulu. So what if we enjoy this ‘scripted couple’??!? It does not mean every single viewers of WGM believes the couples will end up together for real. Stop being party poopers!


Just Seo Kang Joon speaking English. LOL. 

oh my god I’m laughing so hard seeing this and *don’t know why* feeling sorry too for him (I read the caption on different segment says ‘sorry for making you introduce yourself in english’)

My last post on Khuntoria.


Hi. Where do I begin… FIrstly, I would like to say thank you very much to the people who had liked and reblogged my gifs and rants related to Khuntoria. Especially lately when Wooyoung is in WGM, my posts keep appearing on my dashboard. Thus, I’ve been having wishful thinking. Hoping for a…

can’t agree more


I’ve not watched Khun’s WGM nor follow Khuntoria. But some posts on Weibo are heartbreaking - I feel for them. Translation of the above post:

From the start, I knew that it was fake, knowing that it’s a variety show. But the romance is too sincere/real. As I like them, perhaps I fell in love with other people’s romance. Recalling back, in the last episode, Song Qian (Vic) said: “I should wake up from this dream. I should return the prince back, all has come to an end”.

I’m tearing up right now. I can’t lie to myself that Its so sad to really say goodbye to this ship after so many years I’ve been spending my life loving them as a couple. I guess I just didn’t prepare to face this day. Khuntoria is still my most favorite WGM couple. Bless for both of them individually. And thanks to them for giving me the beautiful memory. :)

Why can’t you look at me? Are you having naughty thoughts?

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Oh King 2 hearts, how much do i love thee?


Well, let me count the ways:

1. I love you for bringing to me larger than life characters who come from backgrounds made of royalty and communists and yet you present them as REAL people with normal lives and normal feelings and for that they immediately got my sympathy.


2. I…

30 Day Asian Drama Shipping Challenge






This pairing has so much chemistry, it didn’t just inspire a sequel but a trilogy.

(yeah, i know. Love or Bread was not part of the It Started with a Kiss franchise but it was still a drama wherein they were paired again).

Ariel and Joe kiss…